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Sound Therapy

Sound healing is not a new trend. Sound have been used for thousands of years to induce feelings of pleasure and joy. Sound is a therapy to aid in any ailment and carries vibrations that are felt on a cellular, physical, metaphysical, emotional and psychological level. We use crystal, metal, wood, and drum to access the elements of earth, body, mind, and spirit.

Crystal Guidance

Introducing the right crystal into your life can change

and enhance your life if done strategically. Our journey is our own and the crystals that surround us are powerful and one of the great gifts mother nature has to give to us. 

What crystals will open up your soul to endless possibilities?

It helps to ask yourself questions. What do you do well and would like to enhance or illuminate? What do you need to improve upon? There is a crystal for you. 

I am inviting you to join me in a conversation about how crystal can complement your life and offer some teaching about how more than one crystal can amplify or diminish your intentions.

My intention is to make your world a little better with crystal energy.

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