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Deep relaxation and meditation does not have to take a conscious effort, in fact, it comes with the "silent mind", as previously mentioned throughout this space. Sound therapy sessions are offered with intentions, and your Sound Therapist guides you through the mediation process. Many people can reach different states of deep relaxation and meditation; some it takes more effort than for others. In this case, it does not matter whether you have meditative practices or are completely new to the idea. You will be guided with words, breathing techniques, and crystal or stone as a conduit for deeper states of consciousness. 

Without digging too deep into the science of the connection of brain waves with sound, the Theta brainwaves are those that activated with a frequency between 4-8 Hertz. This invokes the deeper, inwardly focus required to reach your deeper state of consciousness. 

As you may have previously read, sound techniques used are targeted based on your individual needs. If what you are looking for is deep relaxation and connection with your deeper state of consciousness, there is a frequency for you!

Deep Relaxation & Meditation

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