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Improve Focus, Attention and Concentration

We all levelling up! People are becoming aware of the need to have a healthier and more spiritual outlet for stress and day to day anxiety relief. 

The cycle of "dis-ease" is continuous. When stress is present, it causes an inability to focus. When we have multiple tasks that need attention and focus, it creates the inability have enough time in a day to fulfill these tasks. This causes and anxiety, leaving the mind racing at night, when it's just time to rest and shut down. In turn, sleep is disturbed affecting waking moments of the day when it is time to focus on work life balance. When this state of equilibrium is misaligned, the mind and body do not perform optimally. 


When setting the intention of improved focus, attention and concentration, the frequencies that are utilized in this Sound Therapy regime are Alpha and Beta, depending on what exactly your goal.  Alpha is the state of consciousness with which we are in during our waking hours eg: working and communicating; however, excessive exposure to this frequency can be anxiety-inducing and must be limited to smaller increments of treatment. The beta state can be reached and achieve a very relaxed, passive attention. 

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