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Thank you

My Mentors and Educators

I set my intentions of gratitude for everything I have been taught. With every gentle strike of my gong, with every gentle caress of the dowel on my crystal bowls, I share my INTENTIONS of abundance and gratitude to my teachers, my mentors, my friends and family who support me, and with my future clients that I am very much looking forward to meeting! 


Denise and Ivan

(formerly, Niagara Crystal Singing Bowls)

When I first met Denise I knew absolutely nothing about my crystal singing bowls. It was during lockdown and she took so much time in explaining everything to me. Knowing it was overwhelming, she scheduled a 3 hour education session with me and actually played the bowls virtually. What I thought was incredible and which I was not aware at that time was her asking me about my intentions. I knew at that moment that if she can actually provide me with something that can, as I put it, "make me feel grounded but open up my chest and make me feel like I am floating at the same time", I was in the right place with the right person in that moment. I knew my life journey was about to change direction with the help and expertise of Denise and Ivan. 

Thank you Denise and Ivan for everything you do and thank you to your four legged clan that offered the warmest hosting in your humble shop!


Gary Diggns, Expressive Arts Therapist

I had the pleasure of being taught by Gary Diggins at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in the area of Soundscapes. In this experience, I learned how overtone chant in yin and yang was an integral part of this journey.

A little background on the profound effects of this lesson:  Some how-and for some reason I still reflect upon- I had managed to get through life without ever having or feeling able to sing. Although I really wanted to sing, it was very foreign to me. In Gary's class, on that day for the first time in my entire life, I found my voice and I did not recognize this voice of mine. I didn't recognize this new feeling that I felt when I sang for the first time-and loudly! 

A day I will never forget. I understand now...

Well, I will never stop learning and feeling gratitude, and I am very happy to say how looking forward I am to his new publication,  Soundwork as Soulwork - Cultivating Wellbeing through Sonic Rituals.  

Screenshot_20211011-140656_Chrome (1)_edited.jpg

This is where I was guided by Denise at Niagara Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound Healing Instruments. This is where I learned so much and met so many of my peers, who I still am honored to keep in touch with. ITM's instructor's voices echo in my daily practice and sound healing rituals. The experience with ITM was a supportive one with such an openness; this learning experience as a whole is life changing.

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