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Setting Intentions

Below you see a giant gong sitting peacefully in the sunset. As I sit by the beachside and ponder my intentions, I feel like my gong is waiting for something for something to happen. When I dig deeper toward my inner compass and watch my gong, she absorbs the sounds of the waves crashing, she absorbs the sun's final rays shining one last time for this day. She hears the three seagulls, who have suddenly become interested in what is happening on their beach right now as they circle directly over head. Then, and only then, I am attuned with everything my gong is attuned with in nature. We connect. We embrace the simplicity of what we see, feel, hear, smell, and touch around us. I know what you may be thinking, the gong has no nervous system and you're right. This is a fact; however, the gong is a high vibrational tool that can carry us to experiences that we could not imagine without the use of plant medicine!


Emotion: grief and sadness

Virtue: INTEGRITY to nourish grief

Organ: lungs

Vocals: ssss or tzzzz

Colour: white-the light that fills your lungs as you inhale

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