Reduce Stress and Physical Pain

Our bodies consist of almost 80% water, and water is an excellent medium to carry vibration. The human body is a living entity of vibrations and wavelengths. A healthy organ is well tuned, meaning that it vibrates only at its own frequency, while the frequency of a sick organ is disturbed. Our language still uses the phrase "to be of sound mind and body."


Singing bowls recreate the original harmonic frequency, and stimulate the body to rediscover its own harmonic frequency. By making the body vibrate to the frequency of the bowl, when it is synchronized, it can vibrate independently. By using singing bowls near the body's organs or tissue parts or the feet in particular, and then sounding the bowl, vibration is "sent" into the body and internal massage is created. Crystals can be placed on Chakra points to open them through a sympathetic resonance of sound and vibration. They can be placed around or along the body including the head, to bathe the body or tone it in a "sound bath."

This is the principle theory of sound therapy to relieve pain.