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Niagara Sound healing Arts


Image by Edz Norton

The Link Between Crystal and Sound

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

~Nikola Tesla

All matter in the universe is comprised of energy, from living beings to objects, including crystals, gems, and rocks. Each one of them is made up of tiny crystals with very specific modular structures that are always in motion. It is that motion that causes every organic element to emit a unique vibration that can interact with our own energetic vibration.

Vibration IS sound and it includes the use of crystals and other elements that is produced by sound to protect against "dis-ease". Proponents of this alternative medical technique believed that crystals and sounds work as conduits for healing, allowing negative energy to flow out and powerful healing energy to flow into the body.

What Is an Manifestation and Intention?

Our thoughts and emotions are energy, and they create vibrations throughout the universe. That makes setting intentions a potent tool for finding your way to wellbeing and happiness. Having a clear purpose helps us live in the present, and provides us insight into our dreams, aspirations, and values. Our intentions attract the things that will make our dreams come true, and creating an intention begins by setting goals that align with our purpose and values.

  • Which areas of your life do you need to upgrade? Consider how happy you are with your career, health, relationships, spirituality, and social life. Are there any ways you can improve them?

  • What matters to you? If you want to find fulfillment, you must recognize what truly matters to you because your values are what drives the actions in your life.

  • Be specific. If you want to achieve something, be sure about what, when, and why you want to achieve it.

  • Bring intentions to life. You can do it by simply writing them down on a piece of paper. Write them down as if they are happening now and affirm only what you want. Once you’re done, you will have materialized what you want to manifest.

Image by Greg Rakozy
Image by Hannah Jacobson

Money and success

Pyrite - Boosting motivation in career and business as well as attracting abundance

Citrine - For wealth, creativity, and success

Green aventurine - For attracting money-generating opportunities

Malachite - For strength and confidence. Important qualities if obstacles are in your way.

Tiger's EyeClosely linked to the mind, itt gives patience, strength, and determination to help you follow the right path.  


  • Amethyst - For reducing stress, fear, tension and inducing calmness and healing

  • Obsidian - Removing blockages in the body and improving blood circulation and energy flow

  • Quartz - For healing all kinds of illnesses and boosting healing state


  • Pink kunzite - Unconditional love and loving communication

  • Rose quartz - For attracting all forms of love (familial, platonic, or romantic)

  • Rhodonite - For emotional healing, helping the user become open to new love

Dreams and desires

  • Clear quartz - Mental clarity and increasing your vibration to align with your desires

  • Celestite - For dream recall and connecting with the divine, which helps in processing your thoughts, emotions, and in spiritual enlightenment

  • Iron pyrite - Eliminates feelings of inadequacy (i.e. imposter syndrome) that may hold you back from reaching your full potential


Decisions, Decisions...

Your crystal choice is an INVESTMENT, therefore, careful consideration should be taken when choosing what is right for you. All crystals are available by request. 

Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls - White and clear – clearing (Selenite, Quartz, Moonstone)


  • Yellow - aligning (Mookaite, Amber, Sulphur)

  • Blue - communicating (Angelite, Sapphire, Sodalite)

  • Green - balancing (Malachite, Jade, Emerald)

  • Red - energizing (Jasper, Ruby, Garnet)

  • Brown - allowing (Halite, Tiger’s Eye, Petrified Wood)

  • Orange - releasing (Aragonite, Copper, Sunstone)

  • Pink - loving (Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Morganite)

  • Violet - uplifting (Sugilite, Amethyst, Iolite)

  • Indigo - calming (Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite, Azurite)

  • Black - protecting (Obsidian, Tourmaline)


Natural Crystals...

  • Rough - untouched and unrefined. 

  • Clusters - very high vibrational; believed that multiple points within the cluster offers vast amount of positive energy into your space.

  • Points - Both natural and polished points are used as energy tools in crystal rituals. They are beneficial in radiating light, manifesting intentions faster, and releasing positive energies.

  • Geodes - On the outside, a geode is a spherical, rough surface. However, interiors of geodes are made of beautiful contrasting clusters of minerals (commonly Quartz, Calcite, and Agate)

  • Matrix - Raw crystals can grow embedded in a rock or mineral. When the host material becomes part of a crystal, the material is called a matrix.

  • Tektites - Smaller in size, this glass-like formation was created during meteorite impact. Holds very high vibrational properties and must be used with caution.

Man Made Crystals...

Carving crystals into different shapes enhances their healing properties. It amplifies their energies and allows you to use them in any way you want. Most carved crystals are fashioned using the principles of sacred geometry. During meditation, they help create pathways to the divine realm.

Overall, sacred geometric shapes provide healing, harmony, unity, and balance to people, objects, spaces, and environments. 

  • pyramids

  • wands

  • skulls

  • spheres

  • hearts, animal totems, angels, etc

  • plutonic solids

  • eggs

Image by Emily Karakis
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