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About Your Sound Practitioner


My name is Lylie Brooke and I am a mother, a Registered Practical Nurse, and a Certified Sound Practitioner. My Sound Therapy area of specialty is in sleep disturbances related to anxiety and depression, and grief and loss.


I would like to share my path to Sound Therapy with you. I experienced the heartbreaking loss of my first born daughter when she was just three years old. She had health problems, born prematurely, and was terrified of the medical profession as a whole due to 6 months in the NICU, then ongoing surgeries; her fear was crippling for both herself and me, as a mother.


The one and only thing that would always calm her down was sound. She responded really well to vocal sounds, drumming, symbols, chimes, and her rain stick. She was a little sound practitioner in her own way. I embraced that and I knew that this was the only thing that kept her feeling grounded and calm.

One day, I was driving after she passed away and said to myself aloud, "I will take this sadness, put it in a little box with a bow and I will open it when I'm 65"  This truly is the capacity to which we as humans can avoid and derail the necessary process of processing pain, sadness, trauma, etc. It worked for a little while but I found my unconscious pain manifesting in different ways after she left this physical world. I knew I needed to address this now, not at 65.

To New Beginnings...

Between nursing and being blessed with the gift of motherhood again only one year after the passing of my daughter, a friend gave me a little palm sized Tibetan singing bowl; he said, "they said it was good for stress". I actually sat evening after evening with this little bowl and dowel and tried so hard to get it to "sing to me", as if it owed me something. Little did I realize, this little bowl was about to teach me a lesson in ego, discipline, patience, and the "silent mind." 

It not only allowed my to feel better, I slowly realized that my daughter not only led me on my path to being a Nurse, but also a Sound Therapist, specializing in sleep disturbances related to anxiety and depression and grief and loss. How could something so beautiful come from such tragedy; such as in nature, it happens every day. ​

My daughter Lylie introduced me to the magical world of sound as well as inspired me to become a nurse. I believe that her joy and presence shines through me and is received by all who have embraced this path to healing and wellness through beautiful sound.

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