Therapeutic Boundaries of Services

Our Therapeutic Boundaries of Services is intended to ensure the responsibility of the client to provides all relevant information provided to Niagara Sound and Crystal Therapy is accurate and for the purposes of therapeutic services rendered.

The information contained in this website is general education and not to be substituted or considered as medical advice or diagnosis.

We always recommend using sound therapy with your healthcare provider or professional support as a complimentary holistic approach to general well being.  Niagara Sound and Crystal Therapy does not provide professional medical advise or counselling services in manner and we cannot and do not offer “cures”. Your results will vary with your pre-existing state of general health. When you experience Sound Therapy, we know from the research on how the brain responds to sound and we know from experience that so many positive changes can occur. That is why we talk about so many conditions with which people have seen improvements.

We encourage you to take a greater role in your own wellness and health with crystal singing bowls and other instruments in conjunction with the qualities of crystals that can compliment your sound therapy experience; however, this holistic altenative approach is not a replacement for existing medical treatments.