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The Experience
Options: Full Bath Soak or Pour

Wash away worries and set intentions. Spiritual bathing seeks the essence and wisdom of plants and connects us with the spirit of Mother Earth.

In this experience, you will get to walk around and be mindful of which plants sing to you, asking yourself what you are connected to on an intuitive level. 
















Tuning into plant energies involves sitting quietly and noting the ones that pull you toward them. I teach clients to settle in and and relax in the gardens. We hope you will feel connected to the busy happenings among wildflower and herb gardens, whilst the honey bees, butterflies, and birds are busy doing what they do. It is a very pure and blissful experience. 

When you take this meditative and mindful pause, it is not about knowing the life around you for their physical selves, but connecting to their spirit on a subtle level. This practice is required for you to ground yourself and decide which you would like to pull into your bath.



You have the option to sit in your bath, or have the water poured onto your hands, feet, head or face. This is a beautiful celebration that can be done in the sun, or during a specific moon or planetary phase that speaks to you most. 

Once you have finished your bath, we offer the water and plant material back to the earth. We give back what we've so freely been given.

***Not all people would like a cold water bath. If you don't mind your water freshly poured with warm running water, please let me know. We are prepared for everything and make it enjoyable for all preferences!

I will happily prepare your flowers and herbs in the warm water. The effects are unchanged, as long as your intention is present, that is truly all that matters. 

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Remember, when booking pay attention to the celestial season. To check out the moon phases, click here

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