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A sound bath is a full-body listening and feeling experience. Deeply immerse yourself in the gentle, therapeutic and restorative process of sound healing. 

I will invite you to lay down on the cozy mats provided and close your eyes. Some people use an eye cover to enhance the sound and minimize distractions.


After some guided focus and a few deep breaths, the sound bath begins. The remainder of the time, you will hear multiple frequencies introduced in a systematic order, in succession or in layers, depending on your needs.



Sounds you will hear are overtones of a variety of instruments that include the Chau Gong, Crystal and Himalayan Bowls, Chimes, and WAve / WAterfall drum.


You may fall asleep, or you may feel a variety of emotions. Everyone reacts differently and no two sound baths are the same.


Benefits of returning for more than one session, as many clients will say it is like a new journey every time with new experiences. 

Outdoor Summer Sound Bath
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